Transformation Tuesday

Foster was a really good boy last night, even if it took me forever to get his motor running. We jumped around a 3′ course with no ugly spots and concentrated on having a good canter over anything else. What a difference a good canter can make!

So in light of this, and a sweet text from a friend, here are Foster’s transformation jumping videos.

From our days of having to trot everything (Feb 2012)

to actually cantering fences 1.5 years later (August 2013)

and starting to have confidence to jump even bigger things, too! (June 2014)

Tonight, we dressage!

2014 Goals: Progress Check

Where the heck did this year go? Honestly, times has flown by, and now that we are officially 3/4 through 2014, it’s time to check in and see how we’re doing.

Original goals as outlined in this post:

Move up to Novice! Check!

Move up to Novice! Check!

For Fosterpants:

  • Move up to Novice
  • Final score under 35 at Novice
  • Nail canter transitions (we kind of interrupted this one by changing his complete way of going, so still a work in progress)
  • Trot lengthenings
  • Master trakehner fences
  • Coffin combinations
  • Conditioning work (no conditioning-specific routine yet, but preparing for show by getting fit is still happening)
Wood floors for the win

Wood floors for the win


For the House:

  • Landscape front and backyard
  • Kitchen transformation
  • Replace grody couch


For Me:

  • Calcium supplements
  • Not be Red Bull Zombie  (we’ll pretend. Still have to caffeinate at horse shows)
  • Be more positive (Eh, it’s been a rough year in some ways.. still working on it!)

That’s a lot checked off our list, but still work to be done through the fall and winter. Adding to the list and getting a little more specific, here’s what I would like to get accomplished in the next few months.

Foster, Foster, Foster:

  • Lengthenings, and lengthening-to-collected transitions
  • Keep hacking away at canter transitions
  • School corners – showjumping style
  • Angled fences/combinations
  • School chevron if at all possible
  • Introduce conditioning program
  • Clip all the fur!
Canter canter canter

Canter canter canter


  • Watch the grass grow 🙂


  • Wrap up current Farm Logo project for client
  • Edit Bridal Shoot photos
  • Create specific blog for Design work

It’s going to be a busy, busy winter!