2015 Goals

It’s now January 2015, which means a theoretical new start, and new resolutions and goals to be made. Some of the below list should be completely do-able, others, a little more dreamy but possible if luck stays with us and we’re dedicated to the effort. Here’s our list of hopeful accomplishments for the year!

For the Horse:

  • Here’s the big one! Move up to Training!
    Aiming for a May unrecognized horse trials at CHP. By then I hope we can come to grips with jumping more consistently again (boo daylight savings time) and hopefully have some Training CT’s under our belt. Date may move because, well, horses.
  • Increase strength in haunches
    Cavaletti work here we come.
  • Walk-Canter-Walk transitions
    which hopefully leads to….
  • Lead changes?
    Maybe! But it also leads to…
  • Completing a Second Level dressage test with a score over 63%
    A lofty goal for sure, but might be possible by the end of the year, if our schedule works out.
  • Get a 7 on a lengthening
    Which is going to be hard for my pony.. but we’ll try!
Preparing for Training, I hope.

Preparing for Training, I hope.

For me:

  • Be a better competitor
    By this I mean, get to the damn warm up ring with plenty of time, get to the start box with at least 1 minute to spare, put together a first-aid kit just for shows
  • Stop over-thinking the distance
    I’m irritating the you-know-what out of myself for overanalyzing the spot- looking forward to hopefully not doing this so much in 2015
  • Stop overthinking people
    Let it go, let it go!
  • Insert annoying weight-loss resolution here!
    I’ve got a beach vacation in February (hopefully) and a sexy bridesmaid dress in April- motivation!


For the House:

  • Granite countertops in the kitchen!!
    Please happen! Because I’m. So. Excited.
  • Aerate + seed front and back yard
    So we’re not the worst lawn in the neighborhood
  • Paint upstairs hallway
    Because red wine stains are not the color-du-jour
  • Paint the NC State Room
    Let’s face it, the Carolina room should never have gotten that much of a lead.
  • Be better about blogging about the house!
    Since 2 posts a year kind of makes the blog’s title a joke.
Better grass for Drake, please.

Better grass for Drake, please.

Happy 2015 to all, and may you accomplish all you set out to do this year!

2014 Goals: Progress Check

Where the heck did this year go? Honestly, times has flown by, and now that we are officially 3/4 through 2014, it’s time to check in and see how we’re doing.

Original goals as outlined in this post:

Move up to Novice! Check!

Move up to Novice! Check!

For Fosterpants:

  • Move up to Novice
  • Final score under 35 at Novice
  • Nail canter transitions (we kind of interrupted this one by changing his complete way of going, so still a work in progress)
  • Trot lengthenings
  • Master trakehner fences
  • Coffin combinations
  • Conditioning work (no conditioning-specific routine yet, but preparing for show by getting fit is still happening)
Wood floors for the win

Wood floors for the win


For the House:

  • Landscape front and backyard
  • Kitchen transformation
  • Replace grody couch


For Me:

  • Calcium supplements
  • Not be Red Bull Zombie  (we’ll pretend. Still have to caffeinate at horse shows)
  • Be more positive (Eh, it’s been a rough year in some ways.. still working on it!)

That’s a lot checked off our list, but still work to be done through the fall and winter. Adding to the list and getting a little more specific, here’s what I would like to get accomplished in the next few months.

Foster, Foster, Foster:

  • Lengthenings, and lengthening-to-collected transitions
  • Keep hacking away at canter transitions
  • School corners – showjumping style
  • Angled fences/combinations
  • School chevron if at all possible
  • Introduce conditioning program
  • Clip all the fur!
Canter canter canter

Canter canter canter


  • Watch the grass grow 🙂


  • Wrap up current Farm Logo project for client
  • Edit Bridal Shoot photos
  • Create specific blog for Design work

It’s going to be a busy, busy winter!