Good morning from San Diego! (And blogger meet up)

Sorry for the radio silence, y’all! I’m off on a work trip, visiting the beautiful city of San Diego and getting a knowledge drop from my fellow creatives.

First impression of this place is that it is just stunning! L of Viva Carlos and Carey of Jump Pretty One Day showed off their local tack store and made it a point to get me out of my pants.

That is to say, I was made to try on a whole bunch of jods and attempt expanding my horizons beyond my beloved Kerrits. Romf Sarafina breeches, you are officially on my wish list.

They then toured me around the gorgeous  Del Mar Horse Park (that GP field is to die for) and we exchanged clinician horror stories over a glass of wine. Well, it was my glass of wine and their stories. But still.

What a wonderful first day here, and I’m already hoping I can find an excuse (*wink wink nudge nudge girls) to come back next year!