About Britt
Hi there! I’m Britt, and I’m a professional graphic/web designer. But when I’m not doing my day job, I’m an adult amateur equestrian. I come by my equine obsession honestly, having grown up on a horse farm and starting riding lessons at 4 yrs old. In 2003 I ventured outside the world of foxhunting and open shows into the world of eventing, or equestrian triathlon, and fell in love with the adrenaline, the power, and the people. In college I took a brief break from eventing to focus on dressage with my then-horse Ivan, and to this day I still love dressage and have plans of attaining my Bronze medal. In 2011 I purchased a gangly young warmblood cross, Foster, and returned to eventing.

Unfortunately, Foster was not destined for eventing greatness, and ended up retired from competition at the age of 9. For a couple years he found homes with 2 lovely ladies before returning to me, where he is now in a free-lease situation with someone who spoils him like he deserves.

In life after Foster, I went on an epic horse hunting journey that saw a brief period of time in owning a young, talented warmblood that wasn’t a good fit. Smitty ended up being sold to a professional who could help him channel his talent and see his true potential, which I at the time felt unqualified to do.

My next round of horse hunting led me to the #BarbieDreamHorse, aka Jack. Jack and I have now been together for 2 years, and this blog does its best to chronicle the adventures (and misadventures) we share.

First ride @ 18 mo.

First ride @ 18 mo.

Foster, Tyler and I (Photo by Robyn Van Dyke)

Foster, Tyler and I (Photo by Robyn Van Dyke) 2011


Jack, Tyler and I 2018

About Foster
Foster is an 2007 gelding out of an Oldenburg mare and by a Paint/TB stud. His favorite activities include cuddling, getting dirty, picking up things and throwing them (bridles, step-stools, trashcans, buckets..), and being a couch. He’s also one heck of a licker, so if you meet him be prepared to become his next human popsicle. Foster was competing at the Novice level of eventing and schooling 2nd/3rd level dressage, when he started having odd lame days. With the help of a very dedicated vet, we went down the proverbial rabbit hole of diagnosing the problem, including a bone scan, x-rays for hoof angles, and eventually discovering a bone chip in his front right ankle. We went to surgery to learn more about the chip, and in the process discovered a cyst that was affecting his joint. With the thought that if jumping was no longer possible, we could at least do dressage, we continued through rehab. Unfortunately, the atrophy that resulted from stall rest and the rehabbing revealed multiple other issues, and it was decided that Foster would no longer be comfortable doing more than very light work without the help of many, multiple injections. After finding a couple “forever” homes that ended up being temporary, and he is now the low level partner of a beloved friend, and he is fat, happy, and hilarious. I love seeing him every time I enter the barn!

Schooling a Training cordwood fence, November 2013

Schooling a Training cordwood fence, November 2013

About Jack
After searching high and low, I ended up feeling right at home in the saddle on my second-to-last horse that day in Middleburg, Virginia. Despite his janky legs and his spookiness, Jack was the one for me, and in June of 2017 he officially became mine. Jack is a funny creature- he is literally the most accident prone, fragile horse I have ever owned, but despite his hives and his inhaler and his quirks, we’ve come a long way in those 2 years together. From barely making it over trot poles to eating up Novice courses, I am excited for what lies ahead for the big yellow pony and me.

Other Furbabies
Besides having the 2 horses, we have a cast of characters that also live with us in the House on a Hill 2.0. Drake, our 2010 german shepherd, defends the castle. Jackson, a rescue bobtail cat, likes to sleep on my black tee shirts. We very unexpectedly and very sadly lost my furchild Elliot this year, and to help fill the hole in our hearts we adopted Effie, who does a great job playing the role of little sister by in general harassing the other inmates and being cute despite her flaws.

Drake Nov 2018





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  2. Hey nice to meet you! I’m Paola, a young rider who someday wants to event. I found your blog and was interested and look forward to reading more. Foster is cute!

  3. What a good looking gentleman you have there! Fellow amateur and house-project enthusiast here (though I quickly run out of projects in a tiny apartment) and I love your blog! Excited to read more 🙂

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