House on a Hill 2.0: Painting Before and After

Now that the new house is finally finished being painted, I feel that I can share with y’all some images of the new digs.  You may remember my mentioning that the former owner’s taste and my own did not exactly align, and I shared the transformation of the pink room after I wielded my own paint brush one day:


SW Gauntlet Gray

The rest of the house, though in varying shades of either bright (and I mean bright) pastel or beige is now also converted. The majority of the house is painted in SW Repose Gray, a nice clean light gray that highlights the natural light that compliments many of the rooms. Otherwise I will note the colors I chose, just in case anyone out there is interested.


New color: SW Contented

Many of the rooms look sparse at the moment, and that’s because I still haven’t gotten around to putting up much of the artwork and decor. That will come later.


SW Repose Gray

In the kitchen and living room, we also completed 2 other big projects. One of the caveats to buying this home was the black granite, and specifically, the tiered kitchen island. My stubby 5’4″ frame could hardly see over the unusually tall granite tier, making conversation with any living room occupants almost impossible and making being in the kitchen more like operating in a dark black cave. So within days of moving in, we knocked the tier out and replaced the granite on the island with a mostly-white granite that was all at counter height. I’ll post more of the process later.



We also wanted to ditch the living room carpet, which was stained and battered and disrupted the flow of the house. It took some time hunting down the exact type of wood being used, but this is another project that I feel was well worth it.


For a lot of the house, I tried various shades of blue to bring in a modern and fresh feeling. While I knew I wanted blue in both bathrooms, I really hemmed and hawed over the dining room. It was the husband who suggested blue for the dining room, and after putting in this blue gray variant, I must say I am really please with the results. Eventually I will get some curtains that tie in with the color and of course eventually find a table to occupy the space.



SW Storm Cloud


SW Hale Navy

Another fun one was the upstairs guest bath. Already a bit confusing because of the Jack and Jill doors, interior closet and secondary (tertiary?) inner door that separates the shower from the sink room, the former owners also made the bathroom duo-toned- it was both yellow and pink. I was more than glad to unify the space with one color, and the four doors- well, for now they stay.


BM Palladian Blue

Now that the house finally feels a bit more like ours, I’m really enjoying the space. There’s a few more small projects to do here and there, but overall we’re glad to have put our stamp on the House on a Hill 2.0.






7 thoughts on “House on a Hill 2.0: Painting Before and After

  1. We did the same thing in our first house that you did by removing the tiered counters. It’s amazing how much that opens up your space! On an unrelated note, your dog is gorgeous!

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