Adventures in Horse Shopping: It Takes All Types

I feel so sorry sometimes for the people in my life right now that are sending me horses. I am so picky! I’ve been asked what I am looking for, and really, it covers all bases.

I’ve now seriously contemplated two different unstarted 3 year olds. If you have seen instagram, you got a glimmer of the latest- a 3 year old Akhal Teke stallion. Very, very sweet horse that was obviously intelligent and athletic. This is a breed I had read about before, and is often featured in articles like this because of their oh-so-shiny coats. I have to admit, seeing that horse come out into the sunlight, it really was rather dazzling.

I also got to sit on a super fancy warmblood gelding over the weekend, a giant floaty creature with the most amazing suspension in his gaits. But it takes more than fancy gaits to be an eventer, and so I decided he was not quite the right fit for me.

I’ve got a couple more contacts/horses I’m expecting information on before I make another move. But tonight, I look forward to heading out to the barn and walking Riley about the property. It will be nice to start some semblance of a normal routine again! That is, if anything with horses can ever really be described as normal. Or routine, for that matter.

7 thoughts on “Adventures in Horse Shopping: It Takes All Types

  1. Ooooh get the AT just because I’ve heard about them forever and never been around them and the only people who are seem to be crazy, so then I’d have a sample (of one) of a non crazy person using one for an actual sport.

    Sorry. Was that even a sentence?

  2. There are a few reasons why I have never bought my own horse… But perhaps chief among them is my shitty decision making skills haha. Good luck with all that and in the meantime enjoy Riley!

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