Next Steps

Thank you all for your supportive words yesterday. I received word that Smitty arrived at his new home and settled in quietly, happily munching hay and being a good boy in turnout this morning.

Photo by Studio in the Stable

Photo by Studio in the Stable

A lot of people have asked me if I’m going to start looking for another horse immediately, and I must have overdosed on my crazy pills last week but the answer is absolutely yes.

Despite how exhausting the last round of searching was, it still doesn’t change the fact that I want to ride- really I need to ride, if my sanity has any hope of staying intact. You know, one of those classic #firstworldproblem scenarios.


Since making the decision to sell Smitty, I have started looking at horses. I sat on something last weekend, and I have another lined up for this weekend. I’m also planning trips to both Aiken and Virginia to see several horses at a time.

Here we go again.

15 thoughts on “Next Steps

  1. I was traveling yesterday so I didn’t get to comment, but I read. What a tough situation to be on, and good on you for making a tough decision that sounds like it was best for both of you. Good luck with the upcoming search!

  2. I know of a lady in Aiken who gets OTTBs on the regular. Are you sticking mostly with Warmbloods or would you want me to get her information for you? Also, depending on when you go to Aiken, I may wanna tag along and be your media person!

    • I do think I want to stick to WBs… For the dressage element but also just because they tend to be my kind of ride. HOWEVER I will totally take you up on media!

  3. I’m pretty sure she’s in FL right now, but Ellie MacPhail’s summer farm is 2 minutes from where I board Miles! She had some nice horses available earlier this summer.

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