On not bouncing anymore

They say when you turn 30, a lot changes. One of those things is definitely losing the ability to bounce back after a fall.

I wish this was an April Fool’s Joke, but my body is telling me that nothing about this is funny. Well, mildly funny, considering I am walking like this:

Which even I find funny, except that it hurts.

While I also fell off a week before the show, that was a dumb fall. That was a fall where if I had really wanted it, I could have fought and stayed on. But I was lazy, and I fell. It was one of those dumb slow motion falls, but even so, falling from a 17h horse is a long way, and so I was pretty busted for a while. In face, despite chiropractic sessions for myself just the day before, my right hip was already killing me on the drive down to XC on Saturday… and that was before fall #2.

Saturday’s adventure included a lesson with Bobby Costello at Will Faudree’s gorgeous Gavilon Farm. I had never been there before, but after seeing Mark Weisbrecker’s place (Winterbook), I had a pretty good notion that smaller fences would be few and far between.

And I was right.

So we started out over a Novice-ish hanging log to warm up, going over it once each way, then up a hill to a Novice table, and circled back to a max Novice cabin.

Whereupon I bit the dust.

The first couple jumps had actually gone quite well, despite departing from our normal start-small-and-get-bigger warm up not being an option. So on the approach to the cabin, I was thinking he would take it no problem- I mean, the creature has jumped plenty of fences like this. You see where this is going…

…because he didn’t. He half-jumped it/half tried to run out right, which sent him doing that horrible flailing/twisting thing with his body over the right corner of the house and promptly landed me in the dirt, falling exactly on the same shoulder and hip as I had a month ago.

I did, of course, get back on, conquered that fence, and then some. It was actually a pretty amazing lesson- hard, but amazing.

Jack jumped his first max training fence, training up/down banks, did well over the ditch, and even did his first drop into water. The last of which I am so effing stoked about, since the last time we tried that it was a massive fail. So, all in all, a super day.

Since I’ve gotten home though, the pain has set in. I can’t lift my right arm up all the way (the shoulder I landed on), and I walk like I had a peg leg. Sitting makes this way worse, and I’m wearing enough pain patches that I basically look like a walking censor bar.

I definitely don’t remember having this hard of a time recovering. I mean, that I felt the repercussions of the last fall for a whole month, is just insane.

I’ve done the epsom salt bath, the constant Advil, the self-doctoring (wine + Salonpas patches), and I’m still a bit crunchy and groaning. Tonight I’m going to the chiro, and tomorrow I have a massage (and not the fun kind) planned.

Help, friends of a similar age! What do I do?! Other than the obvious…

Not fall off.


11 thoughts on “On not bouncing anymore

      • Honestly – I start with a few standards you can find by googling “foam rolling hips” then I just start finding the “trigger spots” and concentrate on rolling those areas until they release.

      • google foam rolling for shoulder I know how to do both the hip and shoulder but it is easier to see video than explain (I have a AJ joint disfunction in my shoulder and other hip issues that i use foam roller for….you will see video and it will make sense. ALSO it will hurt like a MFER at first but it will be worth it. If you can do it three times a day till you feel better….

  1. Sorry to hear you are sore still – chiro and massage should help! I’m waaay older than you, so can’t offer much advice. Although a recent fall on the ice (and a severely sprained ankle) had me wondering if this is how it would all end… lol

  2. This is no help at all right now, but the thing that has helped me recover more quickly from falls is consistent time in the gym. Working out has really helped me minimize injuries from falls in the last 2 years. I still fall off, but I’m able to recover MUCH more quickly.

    • Honestly, this is one of the things I’ve been pondering. I think you’re probably right… dammit. So much easier pretending like that won’t help!

    • I wrote a long comment that basically said this (but apparently didn’t save, NOOO). But yeah, as I’ve gotten older it seems my lack of fitness affects my bouncing a lot more than the actual age of my body. Ugh. Bad news bears as I am currently hella-outta shape. Boo.

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