Transformation Tuesday

Foster was a really good boy last night, even if it took me forever to get his motor running. We jumped around a 3′ course with no ugly spots and concentrated on having a good canter over anything else. What a difference a good canter can make!

So in light of this, and a sweet text from a friend, here are Foster’s transformation jumping videos.

From our days of having to trot everything (Feb 2012)

to actually cantering fences 1.5 years later (August 2013)

and starting to have confidence to jump even bigger things, too! (June 2014)

Tonight, we dressage!

6 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday

  1. nice work – his confidence has really blossomed! i love how efficient he is too – not sailing miles above the fences but staying very neat and tidy with his legs 🙂

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