The Event Formerly Known as Rolex

My WEG tickets have been purchased (and bitched about- seriously that price hiking shit is a scam) for some time now. And now, the tickets to the Land Rover 3DE have been on sale for a few weeks. After 3 years of having major wedding conflicts that particular weekend, I had originally vowed to go, come Hell or High water.

Rolex 2012 with Mr. Fox Pitt himself


I effing HATE driving. Like, 3 hours in a car and I need a straight jacket and a padded room kind of hate. And the trip from NC to KY is not a short one. Normally the insanity can be cured with lots of distractions friends, but it seems everyone is opting out of Rolex (err, Land Rover) this year in favor of the WEG trip come September.

2012, showing off our team shirts for now-trainer

So it seems, without buddies to travel with (and therefore also split the financial costs of gas, hotel, etc), Kentucky may be a bust this year again.

Boyd Martin and Remington, Rolex 2012

My typical partners in crime are therefore encouraging me to switch gears and do the long-format BN 3-day at Heart of the Carolinas the following weekend. And even if I just do the regular HT, it’s an interesting option.

So friends… who is going to Kentucky this April? Go ahead, stoke my FOMO. Or, help me feel better about potentially not going and let’s chat about how exciting WEG will be instead! And, go!

25 thoughts on “The Event Formerly Known as Rolex

  1. Well… I live in KY, so I will be going for XC day. It’s an hour drive each way, and the husband actually enjoys the cross country and thinks it’s exciting. This year, however, I am bringing all the credit cards! Hahaha

  2. I would absolutely do the long format! I think you’d have a ton of fun! Also, I went to KY last year, and it was not cheap since I live on the west coast. Since WEG doesn’t happen in the US all that often, and Land Rover (feels so weird to say that) is every year, I know I’d save for KY a different year and go to WEG this year. That saying, I wish I could go to WEG!

  3. I’ve still never been to KY, but WEG being a once in a blue moon sort of thing has made it easy for me to pick this year. I’d be interested in KY another year though. It’s rare that I have the option to drive to two huge horse events within 3 hrs from home!

  4. I kind of wondered when people would start talking about Rolex (NOT ROLEX). I have never been and would love to go. Just need people to talk me into it! 🙂 HA!

    Also if not KY someone enable me to GO SOMEWHERE this year!! thanks! I am driving distance of NC and KY both if need be. LOL

  5. I’m going! It’s about 3 hours from me. I am actually doing a tailgate with a group of friends this year, hoping that’ll save my feet and back some. My parents are coming up to check it out. All the horse people I know are still calling it Rolex, just out of habit.

  6. Man, Rolex isn’t even on my radar as being quite that close…probably because I’m not an eventer. But I would love to make the trek some year! I will be at the WEG for 1 day (9/19, most of the day)…I wish I could have swung another day or 2, but I am happy to just be going!

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