The Event Formerly Known as Rolex

My WEG tickets have been purchased (and bitched about- seriously that price hiking shit is a scam) for some time now. And now, the tickets to the Land Rover 3DE have been on sale for a few weeks. After 3 years of having major wedding conflicts that particular weekend, I had originally vowed to go, come Hell or High water.

Rolex 2012 with Mr. Fox Pitt himself


I effing HATE driving. Like, 3 hours in a car and I need a straight jacket and a padded room kind of hate. And the trip from NC to KY is not a short one. Normally the insanity can be cured with lots of distractions friends, but it seems everyone is opting out of Rolex (err, Land Rover) this year in favor of the WEG trip come September.

2012, showing off our team shirts for now-trainer

So it seems, without buddies to travel with (and therefore also split the financial costs of gas, hotel, etc), Kentucky may be a bust this year again.

Boyd Martin and Remington, Rolex 2012

My typical partners in crime are therefore encouraging me to switch gears and do the long-format BN 3-day at Heart of the Carolinas the following weekend. And even if I just do the regular HT, it’s an interesting option.

So friends… who is going to Kentucky this April? Go ahead, stoke my FOMO. Or, help me feel better about potentially not going and let’s chat about how exciting WEG will be instead! And, go!

Photography Friday: Rolex Edition

How I never thought to do a post with my 2012 Rolex photos, I have no idea. So, in honor of America’s only 4*, here are some of my favorite shots from Rolex 2012!!


Unknown Rider at the Head of the Lake



Boyd Martin and Remington



Kristi Nunnink and R Star



Karen O’Connor and the gawgeous Mr. Medicott warming up for dressage



Karen O’Connor and Mr. Medicott Note the hackamore/snaffle combination- lots of hardware!



Oliver Townend and Pepper Anne over the coffin ditch


2012 Winner William Fox-Pitt and Parklane Hawk

2012 Winner William Fox-Pitt and Parklane Hawk


Off to Southern Pines!

Well, friends, not much else to report this week. Fosterpants pulled a shoe yesterday and what with the potential ulcers, I’ve left him mostly to his own devices. I’m sure he won’t be too pleased with seeing both the farrier and the vet for spring shots today, but at least he gets another day off.

One of my favorite pairs, Allison Springer and Arthur

One of my favorite pairs, Allison Springer and Arthur (Rolex 2012)

Tomorrow myself and a bunch of eventing groupies are headed to the Carolina Horse Park to watch some cross country! There are plenty of familiar faces to see as riders get in prep runs for Rolex next month. And I’m looking forward to finally testing out my new lens as well- I haven’t been able to stalk riders like this since 2012, as you can see from these photos.

Becky Holder will be at Carolina, this time with Can't Fire Me

Becky Holder will be at Carolina, this time with Can’t Fire Me (Courageous Comet Rolex 2012)

It’s supposed to be right on 70 degrees and a gorgeous day for playing paparazzi and maybe doing a little shopping. Of course I’ll come back feeling inspired and want to hop on my pony and go, but I’m trying to resist anything until after he gets scoped on Tuesday.

Ermahgerd Mr. Medicott, hopefully we will see him in the 2* with P-Dutty

Ermahgerd Mr. Medicott, hopefully we will see him in the 2* with P-Dutty

I hope you guys all have a great weekend! Go eventing!