Say no to mud

This year Foster has spent his time perfecting one skill in particular- that is, the art of mud makeup. Most days I come out to the barn with a silent prayer that my horse will not take 30 minutes to groom, and instead find him caked in every way possible. The mud eyebrows in particular kill us both. My 5’4″ self cannot reach said eyebrows without going into stretch mode and getting a mouthful of dirt, or having to drag in a mounting block and insist he let me scrub them, much to his derision.

Mud eyebrows

Mud eyebrows


I’ve stopped bothering to clean my bridle unless I have a lesson this winter, since the leftover dust and dirt that I missed (and try though I might, I always miss something) transfers itself to the once-gleaming black leather.

Seriously, horse? That's disgusting.

Seriously, horse? That’s disgusting.

So I decided to go on a little shopping spree. The target? Neck attachments. Though they won’t help with the muddy face, covering the neck will mean no more neck scrubbing and combing the mud clumps out of his mane, only to mount and see that he’s worked the mud in at the scalp level. And of course since I have only high-necked blankets to begin with, that means new blankets as well.



The first addition is a Weatherbeeta Original Medium Blanket that I snagged for a pretty good deal. At 220 grams polyfill, I’m hoping it will be useful in the coming months, since my current Medium blanket is really more like a heavy in actual fill. Foster gets to try on his snazzy new digs tonight, and I hope the 78″ will be a good fit.



Since he has also recently been turned out with his halter on, that too needs replacing. What once was a green nylon breakaway halter is now a brown headpiece that looks like it will shatter it’s so caked in mud. So, thank you Dover for having great deals on halters this month.

Leather halter for $25? Yes, please.

Leather halter for $25? Yes, please.

Not to be left out of the swag hunt, I also couldn’t help picking up some winter full seats, since I am both lacking in winter jods and apparently also in self control. No matter. Hopefully as a result of my lighter wallet, I’ll be decreasing time at the barn grooming and increasing blood flow to a good chunk of my body. Post-Christmas deals for the win. Goodbye mud! (I hope)

13 thoughts on “Say no to mud

  1. say no to mud – and YES to fun shopping!!! lol hope it all works out!

    and for what it’s worth – i’m pretty sure you can run nylon halters through the wash and they come out fine. might be worth a little more research before trying, but i’m about 85% sure you can do it…

  2. Marley thinks it’s great fun to roll… a lot… feel your pain on the hours of grooming dirty mud caked ponies!

    Foster will look quite snazzy in his new things 🙂 Stay classy and clean Foster pants!

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