A speed bump in the road to recovery


Let me repeat that.


Over the weekend, at the end of my ride, which included a little lateral work and a couple trot poles, I thought Foster felt a little off. Not lame per se, but just not 100%. Call it intuition.

So I gave him the next day off, and Monday went out to put him on the lunge and get some video to send to my vet.

Verdict? Slightly off right-hind.


Thankfully, the thought is that he is due to be shod, and as such, those toes are a little long and his heels are a little low, which is causing a bit of ouchiness. Not much else has changed in his routine (pasture size, etc, remained same, just added a tish more trot into our work), so it seems like natural hoof growth could be to blame.

The farrier comes on Thursday, and so until then I’m giving him a few days off.

So, here’s hoping that my pony is feeling better by the weekend. Please.

12 thoughts on “A speed bump in the road to recovery

    • I’ve gotten to the point where most of my messages to her are along the lines of “Am I going crazy, or is something there?!”.. she has an eagle eye for sure- much better at diagnosing than I am.

  1. hopefully it’s just the long toes! It’s crazy how such a seemingly small thing is really a big issue when it comes to soundness! I know my guys get the same way when their toes get long!

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