2015 Goal Review

It’s almost the end of the year, which means that it’s time to look back at the goals I made in January and see how we’ve done!

Horse Goals

  • Here’s the big one! Move up to Training!
  • Increase strength in haunches through cavaletti work (2-3x/week)
  • Walk-Canter-Walk transitions
    • Lead changes
  • Completing a Second Level dressage test with a score over 63%
  • Get a 7 on a lengthening  completed 2/11/15

Bahahahahahahahaha…. goals. Ulcers knocked us out from February until about April. The only silver lining is that prior to this we did complete a winter clinic at the Carolina Horse Park, where you could say we moved up to Training, except that it didn’t include cross country- so I’m going to call that goal incomplete. We did however make great new contacts in Mr. Robert Costello, trainer extraodinaire, and also got a 7 in our first attempt at a judged lengthening, all at that outing.


In the short time between April and July when we were in full work, I can proudly say that Foster’s booty was strong. While some of this was cavaletti/ground pole related, a lot of it probably had to do with the more intense collected work we did, including starting to teach piaffe. I’m going to call that one a win.


The rest, as you all know, is a wash. After a lesson at the end of June with Bobby C, Foster became NQR to downright lame. After throwing all kind of diagnostic tests at him we eventually discovered negative palmar angles and a bone chip in his front right stifle. Everything post August has been about recovering from surgery.

Personal 2015 Goals

  • Be a better competitor
  • Stop over-thinking the distance
  • Stop overthinking people
  • Lose 10 lb

Well- the first 2 obviously being horse related didn’t happen. So let’s look at the last couple. A couple months ago I had some minor health issues that put my anxiety through the roof, and finding a solution to [all of that] has been a major life-changer for me. So win on the ‘not overthinking people’ goal. Then happily, as a result of starting to ride again, sticking to a pretty low-carb/non-starch diet  change in my diet has allowed me to lose the 10 pounds as well.  I feel a lot better and have way more energy to boot- no more 2pm caffeine crash! Win.

A photo from our Christmas party this weekend- gotta love being surrounded by such fun horsewomen!

A photo from our Christmas party this weekend- gotta love being surrounded by such fun horsewomen!

House 2015 Goals

  • Granite kitchen countertop
  • Aerate + seed front and back yard
  • Paint upstairs hallway
  • Paint the NC State Room
  • Be better about blogging about the house!

Hey, look! Some big goals accomplished here- how about that. The kitchen finally got it’s complete makeover, in the form of both the granite countertops and something that wasn’t even on the list- painting the kitchen cabinets! All this has definitely provided some (in my mind) interesting house fodder for the blog- what do you guys think? The other painting projects got left behind as a result of focusing on the kitchen- but I see a roller in my future very soon!


If I were looking at my goals list alone, it looks like a total failure. Our success rate is 42% –  not so hot by anyone’s standards. But, looking at the bigger picture, there are still some big accomplishments.

The silver lining of Foster’s situation is that I learned a lot more about what my horse takes to be healthy and happy (i.e, ulcer prevention techniques, icing after workouts, etc etc). By taking the time to really truly diagnose his NQR lameness, we discovered a bone chip, and by proactively doing surgery, are hopefully prolonging his career as a sporthorse. I can close 2015 by knowing I have done absolutely everything within my power to help him be successful in 2016 and years to come. And that’s a comforting feeling.

My sweet boy in his pre-surgery photoshoot

My sweet boy in his pre-surgery photoshoot

The house has undergone huge changes, and bar several small projects, feels done. The culmination of this was our Christmas Party this weekend, when everyone finally got to see the kitchen in all it’s madeover glory, and truthfully, it made me so proud to think of all the husband and I have accomplished. It’s been a wild 2.5 years, and the end is in sight!

Front of house

A full before and after House post coming in 2016!

And then there’s those pesky personal goals. I didn’t get a chance to improve my overall competitor attitude, but the year’s challenges have (I think) made me a better horsewoman. Certainly someone more knowledgeable about little things like bone chips and ulcers, at the least. I’ve made changes in finding a better me as well, though that will certainly always be a work in progress.

Fair Hill

2015- another year of changes, challenges, and a little cheer. 2016 – looking to you to be a year of happiness and success!

9 thoughts on “2015 Goal Review

  1. yay for some goals getting completed! Horses have of way of knowing our goals and going oh yea?! Thats laughable since Im going to inflict myself useless. Heres to hoping for a healthier 2016 🙂

  2. sorry it wasn’t the year you had planned for, tho now i know all too well about how injuries (to either horse or human) can really change the agenda completely. all the same – seems like you got a lot of big things accomplished! here’s for a fresh new year with 2016!!

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