A is for Answers

If you’ve been reading this for any amount of time, you’ve probably realized that I really like answers. Having a NQR issue without resolution is like a carrot on a string, and drives me bonkers. Oh yeah, and you’ve probably also notice that I may or may not be a crazy passionate horsewoman Type A. It’s a lost cause.


So when the farrier came out, put the hoof testers on Foster and got nothing, I was frankly pretty disappointed. I really wanted just one little flinch that would indicate the sore spot and then we could fix it and get on our merry way. Instead, we had a very long conversation about next steps. Between farrier and vet (thank you for working together, I love you forever), these are:

  1. Continue with normal plan for hind feet – rocker shoes, short toe, packed with magic cushion every other cycle
  2. Change front feet- bring breakover point back with shorter toe and half-round shoes
  3. Add leather pads and magic cushion temporarily to front feet to alleviate any soreness
  4. Get a chiropractor out
  5. After his session, begin trotting again
  6. Wait 2 weeks and re-evaluate


I’ll be working with a new chiropractor that the vet recommends, because at this point I feel like I’m still forming my A team and I want everyone to communicate well- so she can fill the chiropractor in regarding all the nonsense of the last several months before coming.

Here's officially hoping they never find my blog.

Here’s officially hoping they never find my blog.

So anyways. I suppose we’ll be just walking for a little while longer, instead of cantering as we were supposed to do this week. Chiropractor to the rescue?

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