Let’s Discuss: 2016 in Review

2016 has been a totally weird year. Somehow a little oddity has creeped into every corner of the universe, whether that mean clowns on the street, the Cubs winning the World Series, and please (no really, please) let’s not even mention the election.

House on a Hill 2.0

House on a Hill 2.0

It’s been a strange year here at the House on a Hill as well. Or at least an eventful one. The events that will define this year are ones that readers are familiar with. That is, the retirement of my beloved Fosterpants, selling the house on a hill 1.0 for a snazzier, more permanent version, and of course, the epic horse search that resulted in Smitty.

Photo by Studio in the Stable

Photo by Studio in the Stable


In a lot of ways it’s been exciting, in others, definitely bittersweet. But I’m thankful for the changes, because it means growth and hopefully a little bit of wisdom too.

What are the events that defined your 2016? How do you see 2017 being different from this year?

4 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss: 2016 in Review

  1. In some ways our years had similar trajectories. I keep trying to do a month by month review… But it’s surprisingly challenging. Anyway here’s to a brand new 2017!

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