Adventures in Horse Shopping: Kentucky Follow-up

So now that you’ve seen just how high the quality was of the horses that I got to see on Sunday, now you can probably imagine just why I am so fried as a result. Not only physically, because of course all those rides happened between 7:45am and 5pm, but also because it was overwhelming to actually sit on that many nice horses and try to compare and contrast them.

kentucky horse 1

I’ve since been trying to rehash the day to myself, break down my emotional response, as well review the candidates with my A team. This has helped me narrow down the horses and organize my thoughts, and truthfully, my discussions with the respected professionals of my A team may have left me without any contenders at all. That is not to say that there is anything wrong per se with the horses, but that one thing or another makes them a possible wrong fit for me.

Getting jumped out of the tack over an oxer

Getting jumped out of the tack over an oxer

You know what though? That’s OK. Really, truly.

IMG_3010 copy

It was amazing to think that that quality of horse is getting within reach. And while of course there was a little caveat to each horse, it’s getting closer to being perfect the more I hold out and go see the ones that really excite me. Even though the day was insane, and long, and I was on my own, I had a hell of an adventure.

I got to chat up 4* riders.

FullSizeRender (2) copy
I actually enjoyed driving around the stunning Kentucky countryside (holy horse farms, rolling hills, barns nicer than my house).

Barns with Koi ponds. Because Kentucky.

Barns with Koi ponds. Because Kentucky.

I went on two different hacks over that countryside and actually had a blast.

IMG_3015 copy
I got to sit in some seriously nice saddles (oh my gosh Voltaire, you have my heart, if not yet my money).

IMG_3038 copy
And the cherry on top? Sitting on those beautiful creatures.

IMG_3030 copy

What’s not to love?

IMG_3058 copy

Next weekend I take an entirely non-horse related vacation, and so for now there are no more big horse-shopping trips in my future. I’ll keep looking, but for now I’m just spending the day thanking the professionals that took the time out of their day to share their horses with me, and being grateful for a wonderful day in the Kentucky bluegrass.

For those of you who admired the chunky braided bay from my highlight reel, please reach out to me if you would like more information. This is an incredible mare that just oozes talent and is very reasonably priced- while she wasn’t for me I would be happy to share information on her. Shoot me an email at brittwgillis at gmail dot com or leave a comment and I’ll email you. Happy to help out any fellow horse shoppers out there.

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