Coffee Table Chaos

Ready for another potentially boring house post? Here we go!

I recently hinted at things going on in the house on the hill, and one of them is as small, or large, as changing out our living room set.

Our old set was inherited from the husband’s sister, and was a Pottery Barn coffee table and matching side table that also happened to go with my fabulous craigslist hutch, probably my most cherished piece of furniture at the moment.


However, over the years the coffee table got a little dinged up, as is wont to happen when you it gets as much loving as ours did. Jackson the cat also developed the unfortunate habit of hiding himself in the drawer when company came over (he’d climb into it from below somehow). When I knew we were expecting someone, I started leaving the drawer ajar, otherwise he would stay stuck in there, with no way of  getting him out (lest you break him in half), for hours on end. I was ready for a change- something preferably without drawers.

I knew I wanted something in the wood + metal department, to again go with the hutch as well as a sofa table my family built for us from reclaimed lumber, but finding something simple, without weird woodwork or metal framing, was surprisingly difficult.

Then recently we decided to take our formerly online search on the road and found not one, but two sets that actually seemed attractive.

Charger tables

The first set was a bit outside the “simple” vision I had in mind, but the husband was in love with the rollers on the bottom- we could each eat our dinner on a table (our habit most nights) and no more hitting him in the knees to reach my short arms! Look, no drawers! I hemmed and hawed and said yes, let’s do it.

Charger table

One of the coffee table pieces is missing because it had a defect, so you’ll have to use your imagination

But something about it just didn’t suit me once we got it in the actual space. Yes, it was practical, and functional, but it also seemed really dark, especially combined with the brown leather couch. Also in practice I wasn’t digging how light they felt weight-wise, for the money we spent. So back we went to the store, to return the set and pick up the other tables I had been eyeing.

Denmark coffee table

Isn’t she beautiful?

Although I absolutely loathe wishy-washyness (new word creation?), especially in myself, I am super pleased with the overall effect of the new(est) coffee table set, and feel it was worth going back for. It’s simple, feels like a quality piece, and is just the right size as to not overwhelm the space.

Morning light playing tricks again, will update with a better picture soon

Morning light playing tricks again, will update with a better picture soon

Since this is my first place that I really feel is mine, and worth decorating, there’s been some experimenting to figure out what we like and don’t like. Even the little details like coffee table can feel like big decisions. I suppose that’s part of the fun, if you’re an HGTV junkie like myself. Now just to sell the old Pottery Barn set!

Am I alone in that search for the elusive right piece? Is there something in your house that you are updating and struggling to find the right match? What furniture piece does your household tend to revolve around?



10 thoughts on “Coffee Table Chaos

  1. We have big dogs (and a not so big den), so we don’t have a coffee table. We have to be careful with the end tables as it is because of Sampson’s tail. I think half of the set of glasses that we got at our wedding were catapulted across the den by his tail before we’d owned him a month. 😉

  2. i like it!! pretty much all of my furniture was donated from various friends and family. most of it is pretty shabby, but it all kinda jives together bc of it haha.

  3. You are absolutely not alone… I am currently in the perfect coffee table hunt. Been searching for about 3 months and can’t find anything that is perfect. Either it is the look I want, but the wrong size, or the right size but the wrong look. I really like your metal/wood look… I was going metal/glass, to kind of give my old house an industrial vibe, but maybe I am going about this all wrong….

  4. LOVE that table! Very simple and elegant. I recently upgraded our coffee table, dining table, and side tables as my parents sold one of their houses and had furniture available. Gotta love family hand-me-downs!

  5. I’ve been looking for a new couch for about 4 years. A friend moved 2 years ago and gave us her couch so I at least got to replace the disintegrating and broken previous couch, but I still haven’t found a couch I actually like.

  6. Well I’m updating… almost everything in our house since we just doubled our sf. I’m currently really struggling with finding a dining room table I love.

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