Show Photos from Longleaf

… an alternate title for this post could be “Why I should be a Dressage Rider”. Because despite this:

I am great at proving how much of an amateur I am. It’s a talent that gets feature a lot on this blog.

My expression here is hilarious

But already laughing at how not-cool we are

And the show photos from Longleaf show just how squirrelly things can get sometimes.


I’m having this printed.

I already discussed just how spooky the XC was, causing more than one rider to be ejected before even making it to fence 4. For an already spooky horse like Jack, it made for some gritty riding and hollow fences. And a lot of reminders that over/under/through are his only options thanks to Mr. Tappy. (No yellow horses were abused that day, despite the ugliness)

If you were looking for photos of bascule, this ain’t it.

Of course, it wasn’t all bad though, and actually a few parts of the course rode quite well:

Oh look, we jumped in almost looking relaxed, until the B element pictured above

But, lest anyone think that XC is the only place where half-strides and hollow jumps exist, there’s always showjumping.


Oh gawd

WT actual F

I should do some math on my ratio of shit spots vs looking like we have our ish together.

Good lord look how terrified I am, even over the last fence

It just goes to show you that it’s easy to pick and choose what you show on the internet. But to every perfect jump round, a lot of crappy efforts were made along the way. One day we’ll get there.

5 thoughts on “Show Photos from Longleaf

  1. Great photos and I swear we make some incredible faces going over fences! I like posting the less flattering pics, which are way more than I like to admit, it definitely keeps me humble.

    Way to go, that was a great show!

    • Honestly I just want to give everyone a good laugh! At least I was having a good time laughing at myself- because if you can’t laugh at yourself, then do you even ride? XD

  2. I used to have a collection of awkward jumping photos with Johnny 🙂 Oh man were there some weird faces and oh shit moments!!!! But sadly they have gotten lost somewhere along the line….damn…. I keep hoping one day that photo album will show up… love all the photos from long leave!!! the good, the bad, and the ugly 😉

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