Thank you

Through this whole process of on-again, off-again lameness leading up to the corrective shoes and now bone-chip surgery, I’ve had a lot of people who have been there to support us along the way. Not knowing how we’ll be this time two days from now, I thought I ought to get these out there while my brain is still somewhat functioning.

First the blogosphere. You guys are really, really wonderful, in a can’t-say-enough-about-this-community kind of way, and I appreciate all of the positive comments, feedback, and success stories you have shared with me. They give me a lot of hope that things will be back to normal soon.

Then there have been the people that have called, texted, and joined in with passionate discussion as to the various theories and faults. Thank you for sticking with me and keeping me from becoming a permanent passenger on the sad train- just, thanks. If you happen to read this, you guys know who you are.

I also have to thank Ali, who is lending me her truck for next week’s adventure, and I am entirely grateful. 5 bales of hay, feed, and my own personal belongings would have been a tough fit for my Kia, and once again you’ve come through to the rescue. Also for being the professional squeaky toy wrangler during our photoshoot, and for understanding why I want those photos in the first place.

Thanks to Bette and family for finding me a place to park it while I’m in Tryon, and for promising to enable the wine, hopefully in celebration, but wine nonetheless.

Thanks to N for taking a day off just to come with me and figuratively hold my hand through the surgery itself, and for talking me through so, so many veterinary questions. I’m very lucky to have such a patient and knowledgeable friend.

Thanks to all the folks who have offered their horses for me to ride while Foster is on stall rest, and for keeping my sanity. The husband would also like to thank you for this as well. The addiction is real.

There’s certainly more out there that I have to be grateful for, and in general it’s just been yet another way the equestrian community has shown has compassionate it can be, and more than anything I’m thankful to be a part of it.

8 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. This is awesome. Way to go horse community!! And, Britt, I’ll be thinking about you guys. Surgery is always scary, even when it’s one with a typically great prognosis. Do your best to stay positive, you have a lot of support and a lot going for you two!

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