Recovering from the Weekend

You’ve got to love a weekend packed full of horsey goodness, but damn it can be a bit exhausting in the aftermath.

It’s worth mentioning that the week leading up to it was full of hello’s and goodbye’s with horse friends. While the goodbye’s are always sad, it was awfully exciting to get to meet Sara of Eventing in Color, who spent time being Foster’s human popsicle (his favorite) followed by adult beverages. Sara was just as sweet in person as she seems on her blog, especially for not judging me for my inarticulateness that happens after 5pm most days.

Stealing Sara's photo!

Stealing Sara’s photo!

Saturday was an all day love fest with Foster that featured another jumping round. With the eyes of a friend on us we played around various size fences between 2’6″ and 3’3″. Foster continues to prefer the pokey pace, and in my effort to get him going forward I sometimes cowboy him around, and I’ve definitely got to work on that damn pumping thing I do with my elbows. Trying hard not to beat myself up about it terribly, since was only our 3rd time jumping since February.

I got to work on actually thinking about which lead I'd land on.. yeah that hasn't been 4 years in the making or anything

I got to work on actually thinking about which lead I’d land on.. yeah that hasn’t been 4 years in the making or anything (Video screenshot- thanks A!)

Sunday I volunteered to ring steward at the big dressage show in downtown Raleigh, and by the Grace of God got to work in the actual coliseum rather than the outdoor arenas. Being in that arena, I saw all the upper level riders warm up as well as First and Second level- exactly what I intend to do at this show next year. As it was, I saw lots and lots of familiar faces, put new faces to old names, and basically just recognized how awesome it is to have been a part of the horse community here in Raleigh for the last 10 years.

New NCDCTA ribbons, aka logo swag

New NCDCTA ribbons, aka logo swag

Exciting things happening this week and later this month, with our first XC school since November (third attempt’s a charm?), butt-kicking dressage lessons, and hopefully a trip to Southern Pines to train with a familiar face! 😉

9 thoughts on “Recovering from the Weekend

  1. awesome that you got to meet Sarah! sounds like a great weekend too – fingers crossed that all your grand plans for the month pan out!

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