Adventures in Horse Shopping: Hi Ho Silver

I had a lovely, horse-stuffed weekend of visiting friends and getting to share some amazing moments with them.

Other moments from the weekend, while amazing, were, let’s just say, and little more of the jaw-dropping nature:



That would be a three year old Irish Sport Horse gelding having a rather rambunctious moment, at my poor mother’s expense. If I seem nonchalant, standing there watching, its only because it happened so quickly that I don’t think anyone really had time to react. Sorry, mum! Needless to say, even though in reality this gelding was a sweet and talented horse, we decided it was likely a bad omen that he nearly stomped my mother to death. Pass.

In other equine developments, I will hopefully have some kind of news to share next week, so stay tuned. And if you want to see the whole video of the dramatic moment posted above, check out instagram.

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