In Search Of.. Aftermath of an honest ad

Many of you have seen by now that the Chronicle of the Horse picked up my ISO ad after it started gaining attention in the couple facebook groups I posted it in (Eventing Horses for sale & Dressage Horses for Sale). At last glance it has garnered almost 900 likes and over 70 shares between the various groups- needless to say it’s been the most “viral” content published on this blog.

Chronicle Article

Since initially posting my ad on facebook, I’ve received dozens of horse suggestions in the comments of the ads and in my inbox. Some were truly amazing offers that were hard to turn down (really really hard to turn down), others were not so difficult to politely veto. Most of them 15h mares. Not that there is anything wrong with 15h mares, but when you’re looking for a 15.3h+ gelding, they don’t exactly meet the requirements. Then of course there were the droolworthy horses that meant every requirement, and their owners just stopped by to dangle the carrot in front of me with a “Oh, well, if your budget was only 4 times as big…”. I’m exaggerating. Sort of. Not really.

Dangling aside, it’s been really something to once again be thrilled by the equestrian community. To have complete strangers share my post and support me in my search is something I never dreamed would happen. To have friends left, right, and center shoot me suggestion horses is damn near delightful, and I have definitely followed through in going to look at a couple of them. To have people reach out and relate to having to retire a loved partner and live through that anguish with you is truly humbling. Horsepeople in general may be a crazy ass bunch, but man, they have heart.

So I suppose I just want to say thank you again, because I am so grateful for all of you going on this crazy, hilarious, sparkle and fairy dusted hunt for the perfect unicorn. Thanks for making this such an adventure, and I hope you’ll stick around for the ride. Happy weekend, y’all.

18 thoughts on “In Search Of.. Aftermath of an honest ad

  1. For all that there can be hating and bullying online and in the equestrian community, I’ve found that by and large most people are genuine, friendly and go above and beyond to help. It’s been one of the best and most unexpected parts of becoming and equestrian blogger!!

  2. Only other equestrians can really understand all the stress and heart that goes into this sport, I’m so glad that once again this community proved to be such support for your unicorn hunt 🙂

  3. I love how much attention it’s gotten… And seriously it’s so well written and share worthy!!

    Can’t wait to see what you end up getting – I’m living through you lol!!

  4. Internet faamous. I saw it on my Facebook feed (not shared by someone else) and I was like.. that.. sounds really familiar. And .. is that Foster? Clicked and lo and behold, yuppers 🙂

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