TBT: Happy ‘Gotcha’ Day Foster!

4 years ago, I decided to sell my long-time partner, Ivan, since I was a lowly recent college grad without a full time job and a way to fund my expensive hobby. Ivan sold, and then the sky brightened, I got my job offer, and officially started the time consuming hunt for my next horse. It became an obsession, scouring every sale site known to man, every day, sometimes multiple times a day. Nothing fit my tastes. Or at least, nothing fit my taste that also fit my budget 😉

Foster's Sale Photo

Foster’s Sale Photo

When I saw Foster’s ad online, I wasn’t exactly looking for a young horse, but he had everything else I wanted in my next partner- brains (most importantly), an uphill build, decent movement, and hey, it didn’t hurt that he was easy on the eyes.

Laying eyes on the spotted pony for the first time

Laying eyes on the spotted pony for the first time

I made a phone call and hopped in my car and made the 4+ hr trek to Maryland to scope out the situation. I sat on this gangly, unbalanced young thing (then named Pilgrim- having read The Horse Whisperer, that had to go) while a giant 3 year old Percheron jumped (thunderously) in the other end of the small indoor arena. His sweet disposition and forward way of going had me sold. January 29th, 2011, I wrote a hasty bill of sale on the back of my non-compete agreement for my new job.

First day in NC

First day in NC

Our grand adventure started after Foster arrived in North Carolina, obviously nonplussed as usual by his new surroundings. Up until Foster, my mother and I had always bought horses together, and I always put her experienced eye above mine. Foster is the first horse I bought all by myself (granted, with a couple phone calls to her for reassurance), and I feel I’ve been lucky in many regards. To say I am proud of how far he has come in an understatement. This horse has changed my life, and made me a more understanding horsewoman, and I can’t wait to celebrate more years together in the future.

First ride on the baby horse in the dark

First ride on the baby horse in the dark

Happy Gotcha day, buddy!

Baby Foster looking awkward

Baby Foster looking awkward


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