On the Calendar- a Training Debut

Last night Nicole asked if there was a training debut in our future, and I have to admit, I’ve been keeping a couple little events to myself. As it turns out, I do have something planned!

The first is a clinic on February 11th. While not a traditional clinic in the sense that you essentially take full lessons with the clinicians, I think this set up will be just as beneficial. First we’ll do a course walk with Marc Donovan (course designer), Lizzie Snow (25 under 25), and Bobby Costello (former Olympian and Olympic selector). Then Will Faudree (2012 Olympic short list) and Robert Stevenson (Olympic selector) will do a judged ride-a-test (dressage) with us. Followed by a showjumping warmup with Robert Costello and then a ‘judged’ jumping round with Marc and Lizzie. Read Eventing Nation’s article on this clinic series here.

Will Faudree @ Aachen/Photo via The Sport Horse

Will Faudree @ Aachen/Photo via The Sport Horse

Informal riding attire in encouraged, and so I am hoping to go into this somewhat casually at the Training level in order to fill in any blanks in an actual show atmosphere (clinic is at the Horse Park) before a real competition. I’m lucky to have two great friends willing to come help me get prepared this weekend, and I’m super grateful. *If* things go as planned, I might have photo/video to share next week of this mini-lesson with friends!

Assuming we don’t walk away from the clinic with our tails between our legs (let’s face it- it’s me, so it’s possible), then our first real Training competition will be a Combined Training show in March!

20 thoughts on “On the Calendar- a Training Debut

  1. Wow! That event sounds absolutely PERFECT for judging if you’re ready for a move up. All that knowledge and instruction in a show environment can’t help but get you guys ready. SO fun!!

  2. Wow. That sounds like an INCREDIBLE experience. So much knowledge and different little classes! I’d be really interested in reading your thoughts afterward of what you thought of this kind of clinic set up 🙂

  3. They’re doing a Practice Event up here on Feb 8th that sounds very similar!!! You ride all 3 phases in front of a judge (1 judge at each phase so 3 judges total) and then the judge critiques you and you do it again! Even on a XC course (only a max of 10 jumps I think- basically all in a large field) I love that these type of schooling events are cropping up! Great way to get your feet wet without it being a real competition but you get an idea if you’re ready or not 🙂

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