Let’s Discuss: Dream Horse of the Blogosphere

We’ve talked about our dream horse before, and what we look for in purchasing a horse. But what if the horse of our dreams was designed by committee?

So I had the thought- please participate in the below polls and vote for the criteria that match the made-up pony of your dreams. The polls will stay open until Tuesday August 2nd at 10pm EST, and then I will create the artistic version of what the equestrian blogosphere’s dream pony would look like. This is all just for fun, so please vote!

Thanks for voting!

18 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss: Dream Horse of the Blogosphere

  1. I “voted”, but my dream horse would probably be able to do more than just Dressage alone – I want something that can do barrels, trail riding, and a jumper ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I was filling it out to customize Paige’s potential baby until I came to discipline and couldn’t find reining as an option…so now apparently Majestic AF will have to be a chromey buckskin dressage horse. I’d take it! haha

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