What’s in a name

A couple days ago Eventing Nation posted a fun article about horses with names that come to mind after 5. While I am not the most superstitious person, I grew up learning that there are a couple things that will bring luck to a horse- one being big ears (big ears make big jumpers!) and alcoholic names.

Scrumpy Jack, named after a British hard cider

Scrumpy Jack, named after a British hard cider

So of course when I got Foster (then named Pilgrim- lady did you not read The Horse Whisperer?!), I started thinking about what boozey name I would brand him with. On The Rocks was taken, Kahlua and Creme too girly, so I looked to my favorite liquor- whiskey, for inspiration.

Kentucky Gentleman is my husband and I’s go-to whiskey for a nice mixed cocktail, or night out camping, and I think it’s a perfect fit. ย And since neither Kentucky nor Gentleman really rolls off the tongue as a barn name, we’d call him Foster for short. That’s Australian for beer ๐Ÿ˜‰


So what about you guys? How did you come up with your 4 legged friend’s name? Was it planned, or did it happen in a more organic manner?

12 thoughts on “What’s in a name

  1. I think I had a harder time naming Henry then my daughters!

    He came with the barn name (Henry) and his JC name is House of Fortuny- yeah don’t like that..

    I really wanted to do Moves Like Jagger or Cabana Boy… but settled on All In. It has a few meanings- 1. when we go into show, I want to remember to give it my all and do my best and 2. it’s a song by my fav band Lifehouse that I really like ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. How funny! Pilgrim is a bad choice… I like Foster much better ๐Ÿ™‚ Simon came with his barn name, and I’m superstitious and won’t change a horse’s barn name. I usually like literary names, but chose “Something So Right” because it is a Paul Simon song and I feel like Simon is very right for me!

  3. I bred Sadie myself so I had a registered name, Westbound, already picked out based on the sire’s name, Westporte. Westbound worked as a show name regardless of gender. If it was a colt the barn name was going to be Bodie (an old ghost town in California – playing off the name Westbound). For a filly I narrowed it down to Sadie (after Sadie Orchard, the first woman stagecoach driver in NM). All in a theme there obviously.

    Henry came with the barn name Jerry and the registered name He’salsmostsweet. Jerry sounds more like a lawyer’s name than a horse’s name, so nope I didn’t like it. He is a classic bay TB so I wanted a classic, slightly old fashioned sounding name. Henry seemed to fit him well. His show name is Happenstance, because the circumstances surrounding his acquisition were so coincidental – the stars really aligned just perfectly.

    • Wow- sounds like a lot of research went into Sadie’s name! But I understand when it comes to breeding and bloodlines, breeding Irish horses and Haflingers, the names were always very important in denoting bloodlines.

      Henry is such a sweet name- and I love that name, Happenstance!

      • I usually try to tie the barn name into the show name somehow, plus I had a year to think about it with Sadie. Lots of time for obsession. Henry’s show name was originally going to be Fairlane (ie Ford Fairlane ie Henry Ford) but Happenstance really fit him a lot better so I broke my usual protocol. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. O came with a barn name “Olive” and I wasn’t a huge fan, but really, really wanted to make her show name Shaken Not Stirred (olive/martini/james bond reference) but then couldn’t make myself change her registered name after I learned it.

  5. Interesting! Especially beer being called ‘Foster’ in Australia. I’ve personally never heard anyone use it as slang, but it is a brand of beer originating from Victoria in Australia who’s motto is ‘Australian for beer’, so it still works! I’m not a fan of Fosters, there is definitely better Australian made beer out there! It’s pretty cool how much effort people go to for show names, love a good back story.

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