What’s in a name

A couple days ago Eventing Nation posted a fun article about horses with names that come to mind after 5. While I am not the most superstitious person, I grew up learning that there are a couple things that will bring luck to a horse- one being big ears (big ears make big jumpers!) and alcoholic names.

Scrumpy Jack, named after a British hard cider

Scrumpy Jack, named after a British hard cider

So of course when I got Foster (then named Pilgrim- lady did you not read The Horse Whisperer?!), I started thinking about what boozey name I would brand him with. On The Rocks was taken, Kahlua and Creme too girly, so I looked to my favorite liquor- whiskey, for inspiration.

Kentucky Gentleman is my husband and I’s go-to whiskey for a nice mixed cocktail, or night out camping, and I think it’s a perfect fit.  And since neither Kentucky nor Gentleman really rolls off the tongue as a barn name, we’d call him Foster for short. That’s Australian for beer 😉


So what about you guys? How did you come up with your 4 legged friend’s name? Was it planned, or did it happen in a more organic manner?