You know you’re a nerd when…

You say you have to leave early from a social engagement, because you really have to find time to read today. Yeah.

So if I’m a little quiet at the moment, it’s because every other thought is devoted to the newest Outlander book. Oh, you haven’t heard of Outlander? Let me tell you all about it… Highly recommend, especially if you need time off from life horses and enjoy a well researched historical fiction with the best character development ever. EVER. Alright, I’ll stop.

Unfortunately cheesy title, otherwise COME TO ME, MY PRECIOUS

Unfortunately cheesy title, otherwise COME TO ME, MY PRECIOUS

Other things I keep thinking about- how I turn my agency/I’m-not-a-hipster-but-I’m-still-kinda-cool wardrobe that I’ve been building up for the last 5 months into a business professional getup once more. (Read between the lines: SHOPPING!) While there’s no strict dress code at the new job, I will be working in the Executive building with all the fancy people, and I’m pretty sure my collection of different colored jeans isn’t going to cut it. Dern.

Speaking of spending money, I have been debating on shucking out the dollars and investing in some fly gear. My fly sheet is just too thick for Carolina summers, so we’ll start with some new fly boots to help the pony keep those pesky bugs off his legs.

And they come in green?!

And they come in green?!


Otherwise, since I can’t give Foster the time off that it would take me to finish the afore-mentioned monster book, I’ve still been riding and working a bit to keep him in shape. Thankfully, N is still around and was willing to give me my little lesson last night. Unfortunately I’d had kind of a crap day at work and came into the ride wanting the perfect day-saving ride that of course never happens when you really want it. Not that Foster was bad, actually he was great and did everything I asked of him. But I picked at him and was over-riding the jumps, and as I result we consistently got distances that were deep, deep, deep.

Rather deep than this! Ahh!

Rather deep than this! Ahh!

Luckily N knows me well enough to tell me to take it back a notch and have fun, and just let the jumps come to me instead of finding the deep distance. All things in time, and it’s good advice that I will take to heart. The next couple days are going to hit the upper 90s, and so Foster and I are going to get a little break and I’m going to work on my attitude! A little bachelorette fun is also on the menu for this weekend, and I think that will be just the ticket for turning that frown upside-down! Can’t wait!

12 thoughts on “You know you’re a nerd when…

  1. I’ll have to check out that series, seems like something I would really enjoy…

    Also, look into the Schneider’s mesh fly sheets. They are really cool but sturdy, and less than 100$ I believe. I love the one I got for Wiz.

  2. If I had to build a business casual/professional warddrobe I’d probably have to sell Simon. ALL my clothes are super casual… luckily that’s the way of the world here!

    • Yeah… the last time I updated my wardrobe was winter, so I have all these cute sweaters that will be appropriate- but of course that is not helpful at all for 97 degree weather! Ugh.

  3. At least you made it out of the house in the first place! When I’m in the middle of a good book, I’m loathe to put it down

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