Post-Move 2

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Our move was not quite as un-eventful as I was hoping, since my horse who normally jogs onto the trailer with much enthusiasm decided he was not going to get on. At all. The only thing I can think of that might have started this is at that barn, the trees that line the driveway have not been trimmed in ages, and I’ve noticed him spooking when we drive on or off the property, since the limbs poke into the open sides of the trailer as we pass. I mentioned this to the barn manager, who said he would take care of it, and I suppose future boarders will now benefit from it- but poor Foster is going to have to revisit his self-loading skills so that we don’t spend 20 minutes arguing about getting into the grey box of death.

Sorry, rant over.

So far he seems to have really settled into his new home. He’s got a nice big stall with a fan, and a door he can stick his head out of, which I think makes him happy. He even gets to share a barred wall with a cute little Arab mare.

photo 1 (13)

His pasture is small by some standards, but I think it works well for Foster who is used to going out by himself. Again, he’s sharing a fence line with some mares, and definitely gets to see plenty of other horses around him.

photo 4 (5)


The facilities at this barn are the nicest we’ve had access to- a covered arena with mirrors, which I love/hate (only hate for the moment, in that I haven’t seen myself ride in so long, and ick! Lots of things to fix!!!), and the jumping arena, both with recycled tire footing.

photo 3 (7)Tomorrow we will have a little jump lesson with N, and it will be our first ride out in the jumping arena. Hopefully it goes well! If I have the time, I’m going to try out the new toy the husband got me for my birthday- my own GoPro camera! Looking forward to many future helmet cam videos!

I got a Spiderman balloon too :)

I got a Spiderman balloon too 🙂

We’ll be taking a break from showing, or at least Horse Trials, for a while, mostly because 1) I turn into a tomato when I ride in the heat, and passing out is not cool, and 2) I’ll be too busy with weddings and bachelorette stuff to squeeze in a show! So for a while it’s going to be all about lessons and if I can possible get in to some jumping shows (even if it means trying Hunters!), I’ll be doing that. I need to get myself in a jump arena and remember how to ride!

Speaking of riding, I have a lot of cupcakes to work off... yum!

Speaking of riding, I have a lot of cupcakes to work off… yum!

So I apologize in advance if there are not quite as many horsey posts, as life will be taking over this summer and horses will take a little bit of a backburner position. Should be lots of adventures coming up, nonetheless!


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    • 🙂 There are lots of hunters in this area, as you know- so I think that may be my best bet! Unless you remember and can recommend any jumper shows to take a look at?

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