Deja Vu

Poor pony finally gets some shoes back on today, because the farrier has dealing with some serious personal challenges that are definitely more important than shoes. Sending prayers his way.

Barefoot pony...

Barefoot pony…

Otherwise, we brave continue to brave the heat and humidity (heat index of 100 yesterday- gross) this week and wait to move to our new barn on Friday.

photo (20)

Preview of the new barn’s jumping arena

And then the last piece of news, that answer to your burning questions about the post’s title… I got another a new job!

You’re probably thinking, didn’t you just start a new job? Didn’t you just move Foster to your barn? Well, yes. And here I am, mere months later, doing it again. I had a job offer from one of the best companies in the country, and there’s no way I would turn it down. If I’m lucky, this job will be my last. More details to come later, when I get started in July 🙂

So once again, life is changing it all up and there will be new routines to get into, new friends to make, and certainly new adventures to go on! Stay tuned!



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