Florida Bound!

Trip with my BFF!

Trip with my BFF!

Farewell, friends! Tonight I am headed to sunny Florida!

No, I’m not headed to Welly World, as much as I’d like to after seeing all of the fun photography opportunities on She Moved to Texas. Nope- I’m headed to the world of adrenaline and geekiness- Orlando! There to finally make my way to the mecca of PG related wizarding fun – Harry Potter world. And you can bet I am excited.

Just as excited as we were for the opening night!

Just as excited as we were for the opening night!

HP themed manicure!

Ready to go with my HP themed manicure!


So expect me to be away for the next few days, and back on Tuesday with lots of geeky fun photos to share with you guys! Have a great weekend, y’all!

6 thoughts on “Florida Bound!

  1. We are taking the train! So we will be carless, but I will be interested to see how long it actually takes us to get there- its *supposed* to be an 11 hr overnight ride… but we’ll see!

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