The next house [on a hill]

So we wrapped up last week but having our offer on a new home accepted, and I think the husband and I are still trying to pick our jaws off the floor. Of course with these situations, nothing’s over until the paperwork is signed, but we’re still pretty stoked about how things are going so far. Once it’s all said and done I’ll be sharing pics- but here’s a hint- the blog’s name won’t have to change! 😀

Foster also moved to his hopeful-permanent home on Sunday, but not before taking some photos at our barn. He seemed to remember the barn (since he lived there for 3 years) immediately, since he started playing with the cross ties and licking everyone in sight. His Fosterparent took him on a trail ride and he was a very good boy, then we turned him out in a giant field where he immediately made friends with another gelding. Foster obviously loved having someone else’s face to nibble on and play with!

So now begins the two month trial period, and hopefully the life of a trail horse will suit Foster and the 3 of us (Foster, Fosterparent and I) will be thrilled.



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