Just for Kicks: What’s in a color?

We spent the weekend with the husband’s family, participating in a 5k for the Race for the Cure and attending our first doggy birthday party. I think my canine nephew has more friends than I do, and I’m certain he has better birthday parties.

Drake at the doggy birthday party

Drake at the doggy birthday party

Anyways, onto today’s musings. Just for fun, recently I’ve been playing with the idea of changing my eventing colors. *gasp!*

But why, you might ask? (I amuse myself by thinking people care)

Currently, my color is green. Green was an easy choice of colors when I started eventing, since I was on an Irish horse and we just weren’t the type to rock out pink or purple or some other ‘girly’ color (no offense if your colors are pink/purple/stardust/whatever, just wasn’t my style!). So I bought a nice green Tipperary chest protector, and that was that.

At the Fork on Merry, circa 2004. These old photos make me cringe!

At the Fork on Merry, circa 2004.
These old photos make me cringe!

Over the years, of course, I have started collecting all things green to go along with our color scheme. Green bell boots, green grooming bags, green saddle pads.. you get the gist.

Foster in our green gear, and the same old horrible white Eskadrons before they died

Foster in our green gear, and the same old horrible white Eskadrons before they died

But now that I have a decidedly non-Irish horse, I want to switch it up a bit. I want to add navy. Navy and green, with white accents. The showjumping coat I recently purchasedΒ is navy, and I think it looks so pretty against green and white! Of course the designer in me wonders if having a tri-color scheme on a tri-color horse is a bit of a visual overload, before the eventer bit says ‘who gives a crap, I do what I want’. So I invested in a navy sun shirt and a super cute navy/green/white bonnet, and I can’t wait to rock out our new style at the next show!

Navy swag

Navy swag

Eventers out there- how did you come up with your colors? Has it been hard to find gear in your particular scheme? Non-eventers, what would your colors be?

23 thoughts on “Just for Kicks: What’s in a color?

  1. Timely, because I’ve been struggling with the colors thing. When I evented back in the day my colors were dark blue and black (because… I dunno) but now I’m not sure which way to go. Both of my Ogilvy pads have navy on them so that seems like a must, but my vest is black so then that seems clashy. Aaaannd that’s exactly as far as I get in my thought process every time before I give up. I do love your outfit!

    • Haha, what to do?! It’s hard when you have invested $$$ in expensive things (like your Ogilvy pads and vest) and then have to figure out a way to bring it all together! Looks like you need to talk to Hillary (comment below!)

      • Luckily my vest is a cheap old beater so I’m sure if I keep eventing I’ll upgrade at some point. And my first choice would definitely be navy. So I guess just navy and white because I’m a boring person? I’m dying to get the mac and cheese duct tape for his boots for XC, maybe there’s our touch of pizzazz. πŸ˜‰

  2. Love the navy! I’m not an eventer so I don’t have colors but I think Nibbles’ would be black and maroon. She’s a deep mahogany bay so she looks sharp in the darker colors. She inherited boots from my old horse that are maroon and I think they look nice also πŸ™‚

  3. Navy is my jam. Navy, black, grey, and white are my primary colors. When I evented it was pretty bland after a few events with a royal pad. I’m not very colorful though!

    • Pretty combination! I think it’s interesting in the world of hunter-jumpers to adopt the barn colors. Does your barn have a color scheme, or do you just buy gear in whatever colors you prefer?

  4. One thing I do think eventers win at… colors! I’ve been having fun doing my ‘jumper outfits’ though, which are Black/grey/white, Charcoal/Burgundy/Black, and Chocolate/Light Blue. Soon to be more!

  5. I have lots of XC “ensembles” if you will – the trick is to have a large saddlepad collection and numerous rolls of colored electrical tape or duct tape for decorating black XC boots. ;] Last show I had blog readers vote for my XC colors and ended up going black & magenta although blue was a close second.

    • Oh fun! I feel like I’m starting to accumulate a rather large saddle pad collection, but still overwhelmingly have a TON of green! Black and magenta sounds quite dashing! I’ll have to check that out πŸ™‚

  6. You so stole my colors!!!! πŸ™‚ I bought the SAME ear bonnet for Marley and Chimi is about to get the green one with navy trim πŸ™‚ I think the same color choice just means we have good taste πŸ˜‰ hehehehe

  7. Back in the day it was hunter green and yellow- I even had a BRIGHT yellow sheet for my horse for shows. I think now it will have to be Red and white esp on a dark bay or grey horse not if I have a chestnut…yuck red and chestnut! Mom was of course more classy in navy hunter green…

    • Ha, I remember that yellow sheet! It’s hard to forget- but it definitely made you easy to spot! I agree, I love how red looks on bays but absolutely hate it on chestnuts! Clashy clashy

  8. nice – love the bonnet! my vest is navy, but my horse’s color is decidedly purple. since i don’t really care for that combo, but the vest is required (and no i don’t want a purple vest lol), i just went with navy white and black. simple simple

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