Helmet Cam Banishment

That’s right, it happened. The USEA has banned any helmet cams from recognized competition until an independent study has taken place.

So sad.

But, our next competition is unrecognized, so there’s a chance that the organizers won’t announce a helmet cam ban- it’s all up to them.

Here’s hoping that the venue does not ban helmet cams. In the meantime, here are the couple I was able to take this year:

From our last show at the Horse Park:


And from our Recognized show at FENCE:


Keep your fingers crossed that we can get one more helmet cam in this year!

Helmet Cam Debut

When my sweet husband got me a GroPro Camera for my birthday, I was ecstatic. Who doesn’t love watching cross-country helmet cams? Before trying it out at an actual event, I thought I would test my set up while fiddle-farting around in the arena at home. This was our first time jumping again since the show, hence nothing super impressive. Also, Foster’s first bounce in many months. Here’s the result:


It was all planned to really use the helmet cam at an event in Virginia this weekend, but I decided to scratch last night when I realized that it was becoming more pressure than it was worth. We’re still recovering from the 3 day horse show weekend in Hunter/Jumper Land, as well as some life events that must take precedence over training-like-crazy for a schooling event. So, even though I’m disappointed that I won’t be sharing what would have been a hilarious helmet cam cross country video next week, I feel like I’ve made the right decision in waiting a little while longer before competing again.

Instead, we have our first cross country lesson planned with Doug at a much closer venue, and our next show will be in a another month! Many more helmet-cams in our future, for sure!