Cavaletti Exercises

Well, Foster felt like utter poop last night, with the tightest back I have ever felt on him. Since I am promised rainbows and butterflies and a straight horse by the chiropractor, I’ll give it another couple rides and reserve judgement for now.

There were a few comments yesterday about also wanting to learn exercises for improving hind-end strength and using cavaletti. So, I did a little googling and found a couple resources I thought were helpful.

How to Space Cavaletti:
For those needing a reminder about cavaletti spacing, and how to raise cavaletti, this is a short and informative video.


Cavaletti Training Video:
This is the source of yesterday’s animated gif, and shows a buildup of cavaletti from 4 to 18 cavaletti in a row. Not any specifics on exercises, but interesting to watch nonetheless.


Cavaletti for Dressage and Jumping Article:
Walks through a few different patterns of cavaletti depending on the goal of the rider. Unfortunately, a long read and no diagrams.

Ingrid Klimke Cavaletti Clinic:
Video recording of a clinic, starts at the 8:30 mark. I didn’t get a chance to watch the whole video but looks like a great resource.


Ingrid Klimke Cavaletti Seminar:
Another Ingrid Klimke gem. Great website that walks through the beginner to advanced exercises, including distances (although in meters). Definitely recommend this one.



Stifle Strength:
An article on stifles and improving strength in these joints.

Gymnastics from Evention:
Who doesn’t love Evention? The Schramms are hilarious as well as giving good tips, and this video on gymnastics is no exception.


Bonus! Grid exercise:
As I was perusing the net for cavaletti I came across this grid for jumping… looks pretty cool to me! What do you guys think?



Good luck to everyone in your cavaletti endeavors!