Cavaletti Exercises

Well, Foster felt like utter poop last night, with the tightest back I have ever felt on him. Since I am promised rainbows and butterflies and a straight horse by the chiropractor, I’ll give it another couple rides and reserve judgement for now.

There were a few comments yesterday about also wanting to learn exercises for improving hind-end strength and using cavaletti. So, I did a little googling and found a couple resources I thought were helpful.

How to Space Cavaletti:
For those needing a reminder about cavaletti spacing, and how to raise cavaletti, this is a short and informative video.


Cavaletti Training Video:
This is the source of yesterday’s animated gif, and shows a buildup of cavaletti from 4 to 18 cavaletti in a row. Not any specifics on exercises, but interesting to watch nonetheless.


Cavaletti for Dressage and Jumping Article:
Walks through a few different patterns of cavaletti depending on the goal of the rider. Unfortunately, a long read and no diagrams.

Ingrid Klimke Cavaletti Clinic:
Video recording of a clinic, starts at the 8:30 mark. I didn’t get a chance to watch the whole video but looks like a great resource.


Ingrid Klimke Cavaletti Seminar:
Another Ingrid Klimke gem. Great website that walks through the beginner to advanced exercises, including distances (although in meters). Definitely recommend this one.



Stifle Strength:
An article on stifles and improving strength in these joints.

Gymnastics from Evention:
Who doesn’t love Evention? The Schramms are hilarious as well as giving good tips, and this video on gymnastics is no exception.


Bonus! Grid exercise:
As I was perusing the net for cavaletti I came across this grid for jumping… looks pretty cool to me! What do you guys think?



Good luck to everyone in your cavaletti endeavors!

11 thoughts on “Cavaletti Exercises

  1. Everytime I see cavaletti I’m like “I really should do more with Henry to help strengthen him” and then I totally forget to ever set them up. So thanks for the reminder, can I get a daily one? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Jec Ballou (author of 101 Dressage Exercises, among other things) suggested setting up a cavaletti exercise in an out-of-the-way location where you don’t have to put them up/down every day so you are more likely to do them. This works well with her walk-cavaletti exercises (because footing doesn’t matter as much), but with a big enough arena could even work for trot cavaletti.

        I only say this because I, too, struggle to do cavaletti regularly even though I know I should and think about it and then never do it anyway.

  2. thanks for doing all the research on this lol! i pretty much suck at measuring distances, but i really want to give a few of these a try… that last one looks like a blast too!

    • I’ve gotten pretty good at judging distances- but also, as a graphic designer, I’ve learned to notice if something is a few pixels off, so I guess it just comes with the trade!

  3. I would probably do more cavaletti if I didn’t have to set them up and tear them down. Not having to assemble jumps is probably my favorite part about being a pure dressage rider.

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