Photography Friday: Lilybird Flowers Round II

Sorry, not sorry, I couldn’t not share more of the photos from my styled shoot that was also last week’s Photography Friday post. Today’s round of portraits again feature the beautiful work of Lilybird Flowers, and seriously- are you guys not just in love with these flower crowns?

Thanks to Leah of Lilybird Flowers again for including me in this exciting opportunity! Let’s get this party started!

The Queen of Flowers herself.

Photography Friday: Drake

It’s been a while since I’ve posted Drake photos! I just love the colors of autumn, and here in North Carolina the leaves are beautiful this time of year. So when I spotted some lovely light outside my window this week as I was working from home, I just had to take my favorite model outside for a few photos!




A victory lap for the model!

A victory lap for the model!

Oh, and then this happened Wednesday:

If there's one thing about my house that I love, it's the light

If there’s one thing about my house that I love, it’s the light


Happy Friday!

Photography Friday: Sampson

Ready for puppy-poluted post number one? Here ya go!

Sampson is a 3 month old German Shepherd, and the newest addition at my parent’s house. He is potentially the floppiest puppy I have ever seen, with these super expressive eyes that make you want to melt. In true GSD fashion, when he’s not wrestling the other puppy at the house, he follows my mum around like, well, a puppy. He even sleeps just outside her door, the way my GSD Drake does. Completely adorable!


Sampson does have a couple of siblings still available in Florida- if you or someone you know is interested please shoot me a message and I’ll give you the details!






Have a great weekend, guys! I’m off to a horse show!

Photography Friday: Alex and Bo

As you know, I did a couple photo shoots last weekend for a couple dear friends of mine. The second of these was for my BFF (going to pretend like I’m not too old to say that), Alex. Alex and I have been buds for forever, even before she acquired Bo, the four legged love of her life. Bo is a 15 year old Appendix gelding with a personality goofy enough to match that of Alex’s. The understanding these two have for each other is inspiring and hilarious to witness- they are the perfect compliment of each other.


In the last few years, Alex has transitioned from Hunter-Jumper princess to the dark side eventing, and asked me to photograph Bo now that he is at the peak of fitness. Mere days after capturing these images, Alex felt there was something not-quite-right with Bo, even though he was, even to vet-trained eyes, sound. But from insistence from her, ultrasounds showed the mineralization of an old tendon injury. It’s still unclear how things will continue, but I’m all the more grateful that we were able to take these photos before that news. It all goes to show that horses are such fragile animals for all their size, and every moment we have with them is precious.






Bo marveled at my umbrella holding/camera shooting skills


As you can see, it was actually raining pretty hard- thank goodness for these beautiful crape myrtle trees!


fb_DSC4781Have a great weekend!