Photography Friday: Sofia and Sunny

I’ve done so many shoots recently that I honestly can’t remember which I’ve shared and which I haven’t! So let me share one of my more recent sessions- this is Sofia and Sunny, a Welsh cross mare that is just beyond precious. The sweet relationship that these two have was just adorable- Sunny is nothing like your typical pony mare, and Sofia just showered her with love and kisses- all I had to do was press the shutter button!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Photography Friday: Frog Pond Farm

When I received a phone call from Helen, she mentioned that she wanted some photos with her heart horse, Othello. Her sweet partner had been dealing with multiple health issues, and it was important to capture their relationship in images while he was still with her. I was touched beyond belief to hear her speak, and absolutely agreed to come to her farm. The photos we took of Othello and the other occupants of the farm are some of my favorites of late, and I feel so blessed to have been a part of this special day. Othello has now crossed the rainbow bridge, but he will forever live on in these images and in the hearts of the ones who loved him.

Give your ponies a hug, everyone, and happy Friday.

Photography Friday: Bette & Johnny

Bette, Johnny and I go way back before the days before college, but our friendship really found its roots as dressage teammates in school. Since then, Johnny, an Irish Sport Horse gelding (7/8ths TB- can you believe it?! Not me!) is retired at 21 years old and living the life of luxury while Bette has made a life for herself amongst the beautiful Tryon mountains. We all have that one horse in our lives that simply cannot be replaced, and for Bette, I’m guessing it’s Johnny.









And a couple photos of the famous Jello, for good luck! #jellosleeping (instagram- you won’t be disappointed!)



Many thanks to Bette again for all the tours, meals shared, and tack store visits that made our trip to Tryon fly by! Happy Friday all!

Photography Friday: Alex and Bo

As you know, I did a couple photo shoots last weekend for a couple dear friends of mine. The second of these was for my BFF (going to pretend like I’m not too old to say that), Alex. Alex and I have been buds for forever, even before she acquired Bo, the four legged love of her life. Bo is a 15 year old Appendix gelding with a personality goofy enough to match that of Alex’s. The understanding these two have for each other is inspiring and hilarious to witness- they are the perfect compliment of each other.


In the last few years, Alex has transitioned from Hunter-Jumper princess to the dark side eventing, and asked me to photograph Bo now that he is at the peak of fitness. Mere days after capturing these images, Alex felt there was something not-quite-right with Bo, even though he was, even to vet-trained eyes, sound. But from insistence from her, ultrasounds showed the mineralization of an old tendon injury. It’s still unclear how things will continue, but I’m all the more grateful that we were able to take these photos before that news. It all goes to show that horses are such fragile animals for all their size, and every moment we have with them is precious.






Bo marveled at my umbrella holding/camera shooting skills


As you can see, it was actually raining pretty hard- thank goodness for these beautiful crape myrtle trees!


fb_DSC4781Have a great weekend!


Photography Friday

In lieu of a real post, here are the final photos from the engagement photo shoot I did last week. Ang is an old friend that I met through the NC State Dressage team, and it turns out I actually went to High School with her now fiance Andrew! Such a small world! I loved getting to see them again, and meeting their newest addition to the family- Maya! Look at that puppy fur! So cute!



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