Photography Friday: Bette & Johnny

Bette, Johnny and I go way back before the days before college, but our friendship really found its roots as dressage teammates in school. Since then, Johnny, an Irish Sport Horse gelding (7/8ths TB- can you believe it?! Not me!) is retired at 21 years old and living the life of luxury while Bette has made a life for herself amongst the beautiful Tryon mountains. We all have that one horse in our lives that simply cannot be replaced, and for Bette, I’m guessing it’s Johnny.









And a couple photos of the famous Jello, for good luck! #jellosleeping (instagram- you won’t be disappointed!)



Many thanks to Bette again for all the tours, meals shared, and tack store visits that made our trip to Tryon fly by! Happy Friday all!

5 thoughts on “Photography Friday: Bette & Johnny

  1. You take the most beautiful portraits! How you capture everyone’s personality and relationship so perfectly is truly amazing

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