Keeping an Eye on the Eye

Luckily, Jack’s eyeball is starting to improve, thanks to my wonderful barn family stepping in to medicate him 4x/day while I was away. But as you can see in the picture below, there’s still noticeable swelling and weepiness.Jack’s been a pretty good sport overall about getting his meds. Which is great, because all of the people doing the medicating are shorties like myself, and fighting with a 17h giraffe is not the greatest time.
We have a check up today at 2pm, and I’m hoping the vet will give us the green light to ride again, but who knows- as I wouldn’t want the dust from riding to aggravate his condition.

And with all that said, I also want to look into his respiratory issues (the heavy breathing thing mentioned last week). So right now I’m seriously thinking of scrapping our next show (mid June) in favor of a lighter schedule while we all recoup.Again, sorry on being lighter news-wise. Medications and all that are not so interesting.

7 thoughts on “Keeping an Eye on the Eye

  1. When May scratched her eye, I asked the vet if I could ride her (after the swelling was taken care of). His response was, “Well, its a long way from the running gear.” I used a fly mask anyway for a while.

  2. Hugs to jack. I hope he recovers soon mate
    Maybe a rest is sometimes what we all need to regroup
    Mel x

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