Horses R Dumm

In the latest part of Jack’s ploy to keep our vets in every comfort, Jack came in yesterday with this:

Unable to open it, swollen as hell, fuckery.

The vet came out, and he’s getting a fully fledged arsenal of medications. That I then misplaced.

Horses are dumb. And apparently so am I. Because being a human this week is basically more than I can handle.So if you’re wondering about us, I’ll be off gassing up my struggle bus.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

8 thoughts on “Horses R Dumm

  1. i feel like this beginning of summer is when all the stuff happens. Remus’s eyes water in a daily battle and then I am all like OMG HE HURT HIMSELF (no he hasnt) but I am so scared he will do something like this. Eye injurys suck and they make my EYES WATER. LOL on misplacing the meds. I would do this. 🙂 I hope Jack feels better soon (and that you found the meds). Horses R DUMM though.

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