The Move Up

Until I get to walk the course Friday afternoon, my feelings about our move up to Novice are running quite the gambit. Even though I know we have been jumping at that height for some time, occasionally it still happens that I get off Jack and stand next to the fence and go:

Riding both a behemoth of a horse, and never setting the fences myself (since I don’t really jump outside of lessons these days) will do that to you I guess. My trainer believes in me though, and feels like this is totally doable. Hell- we even jumped the ditch (yes, that ditch) in our lesson the other day with minimal drama. That was a major win in and of itself, no matter how this weekend goes.

It was November of 2013 that I last went Novice, and I remember how much fun I was having, right up until I got that TE for missing a fence.

…and there it goes.

So redemption would be pretty awesome. Which is why my only goals for this show are:

  • Jump all the jumps
  • Jump them in the right order
  • Don’t fall off (pleasssse)

Besides that, I just need to remember to breathe.

PS is anyone else stupid excited about the new JP movie? I am.

15 thoughts on “The Move Up

  1. wow has it really been since 2013??? that’s so hard to believe, but i guess time really does fly…. anyway tho you guys will be great. Jack looks like he’s doing well and you totally got this!

  2. yay you will be great. And yes remembering to breathe will help. And you are QUEEN of the gifs today. They are all classic AND i too am excited for the sequel….love all the movies…:) Have fun!

  3. HELL YES TO DINOSAURS!!!!!!! I may or may not of squealed a tiny bit the other day when I saw a Dino face on a Dr Pepper can… the person next to me might of stared…

    But have fun this weekend!!!! You can do it!!!!

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