Show Recap: Carolina Horse Park – Cross Country

After showjumping, we headed over to the cross country course, where I incorporated a couple small angled fences as directed (admittedly not as extreme as at home, I wussed out a little) and felt out whether or not I would be able to rate Foster in the new bit. I also started to panic that I couldn’t remember all of the fences, since our course walk was interrupted by nightfall, and I hadn’t found a chance to revisit the course that day.

With that as the backdrop of our tale, I invite you to watch the helmet cam:


That’s right. As much as it pains me to say it, I went off course. The offending fence was a dinky little vertical at the top of the hill before the bank, that I flew by without a care in the world:

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 2.46.19 PM


Otherwise, we were out there having a blast, and Foster was listening exceptionally well (other than getting distracted by a rider coming home after fence 1), and was coming back to me easily. I was pulled up with 3 fences to go, and I have no doubt that we would have come in double clear had we completed the course.

So, there ends our last show of the season. While of course it is so disappointing to not finish, I am thrilled with Foster and some of the progress we made. While not our best dressage test, we still proved that we were competitive in a large field. We put in a fluid showjumping round and got all of our spots. And we had one erm, 3/4 of the most relaxed and confident cross country courses to date, with Foster feeling as rideable as ever. It’s not the way I wanted to end the season, but it’s another definite learning experience. I thought 3 days later I would be super bummed, but somehow, I’m not. I’m proud of how Foster went and have a lot to look forward to, and that’s all that matters to me.

13 thoughts on “Show Recap: Carolina Horse Park – Cross Country

  1. Hmm, I surprised they didn’t just let you finish since it was only a schooling trial. Bummer! At least they let you wear your helmet cam!

    • My friend who is also a trainer said the same thing- because I was so obviously not riding dangerously (if the clucking to my horse is indication), then they could definitely have let me finish the course and then give me the bad news.

  2. While it sucks that you went off course, that looks like a confidence boosting ride if I’ve seen one! You guys were ON IT! Sounds like you are set up to kill it next season. 🙂

  3. oh no – how frustrating! but i agree – he was making that course look downright easy, so it was definitely a positive experience, even if not exactly the way you had hoped. congrats anyway on a great time!

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