Red on the Right

Welcome to the new face of House on a Hill- now Red on the Right! I hope you guys are excited as me about this change, which is really less of a change in content and more just bringing the branding of the blog in line with what’s actually written here.

This blog will still be mostly about horses, with a dash of good red wine and a tongue-in-cheek approach to life as much as possible. Hence the new tagline πŸ™‚

The color palette has shifted as well as the graphics, mostly in order to stay tied to my other entity of BGD. My photography has been often discussed on the blog, and I plan to continue since it is an increasing part of my life, not to mention it funds the horse habit itself!

In terms of other exciting things, I’m looking forward to our first Novice next weekend. Our cross country lesson last night was a blast, and Jack was more rideable than he has been over fences in quite some time. His confidence feels like it’s growing, and you will notice there’s a distinct lack of growling from me to encourage him forward. We’ve got another showjumping lesson next Thursday, and then next Friday we head back to the Carolina Horse Park for the show!

So that’s the quick update for now! I would love to hear your thoughts on the new name and look! Otherwise- everyone have a great weekend!

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