Secret Santa Gifties and Other things for Smitty’s Mouth

If you’re an online shopper like me (because fighting holiday crowds at the mall is for the birds), you are well acquainted with goodies arriving on your doorstep. But when they are horse-related goodies, it’s like double the fun.

So when the husband told me that my Secret Santa gift came while I was away, of course I was stupid excited.


Hillary of Equestrian at Hart knew just the thing to satisfy a mouthy youngster’s oral wishes. Things he is encouraged to put in his mouth!


The other rather exciting package is not so fun for Smitty, but rather delightful to me in a money-saving kind of way. Funnily enough, this one also owes credit to Hillary for her suggesting it in the first place!


AbGard is an Omeprazole product that isn’t marketed here in the US, but has the same dosage and active ingredients as Gastrogard/Ulcergard. After reviewing with my vet, it also has the entritic coating that allows the drug to survive long enough in the equine stomach (which is why other types of Omeprazole won’t work for horses- it lacks the right coating), and at $13 per tube versus $28, it seemed silly not to give it a go. That’s $450 savings for a month’s supply- well worth the wait of having the meds shipped in from another country.

So when I saw Smitty last night after my long absence, it was armed with all sorts of goodies.


I got my first little whicker of recognition, which warmed my heart, and a snuggle, albeit with my anxiously wondering if my ponytail would end up in his mouth. I then threw him on a lunge line to make sure all 4 legs were working as they should. Sorry to the lady who probably had a heart attack at seeing me walk my 4 year old into the arena in 34* weather in just a halter.

Wild thing!

Wild thing!

After a quick session and a bit of head-tossing, we came back in and I dosed him with his new Abgard and introduced him to his new Likit. For once his first instinct wasn’t to eat it, and when I left he was still breathing in the aroma of the contraption in front of him.


Smitty says thank you to Hillary for his new toy, and maybe not so much for the Abgard- although as a side note- I do think we are moving toward a happier, healthier, Smitty as a result of our treatment plan!





6 thoughts on “Secret Santa Gifties and Other things for Smitty’s Mouth

  1. omg his expression in that last pic is priceless lol. also good luck with the abgard paste! i tried the blue pop rocks with izzy and didn’t feel like they were as effective as ulcergard, but heard that abler’s paste formula was maybe better.

  2. So glad he enjoyed it all. AbGard worked really well for Annie and I definitely plan to stock up. I want to give the “rocks” a try but I haven’t broken down yet. I’ve been feeding the probios treats since Karen recommended them and really like them so figured they would be good.

    Also I love that RW wrote on the box! They are the best!

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