Must buy all the things!

For realz.

After my comedic attempt to ride my horse last week, and because recently we have been working on more lateral work that requires me to sit, I have decided to go shopping.

It started with full seats, before I remembered that it’s time to clip, so I need Body Clippers, and oh yeah, that hand-me-down pair of Open Front Boots are disgusting and falling apart and borderline pathetic on my horse anymore, and oh wait, don’t I need more bute just in case because what horse person doesn’t have bute on hand just in case?

buy all the things

You get the idea.

I did break down and buy myself a new pair of white Kerrits full seat jods that are so sticky I will not have to worry ever again about my rear parting with my horse at a show (just kidding, I know the time is coming). Then Tack of the Day had more Kerrits full seats on sale ($40 off and purple, yes please!) that I just had to get! And then again yesterday there are more Kerrits full seats on sale, and guess what, they are houndstooth! Who doesn’t want houndstooth breeches? Thank god for blogs like Sprinkler Bandits and She Moved to Texas for having awesome contests that stop me from buying things in hopes that I will win them instead!

Boot Giveaway via Sprinkler Bandit.. oh the colors!

Boot Giveaway via Sprinkler Bandit.. oh the colors!

Oh, and then add that to the fact that my trunk (a cheap Tupperware thing I picked up at Target for a whopping 12 bucks) is already bursting at the seams -literally- and I am in no mood to repeat the experience of having small rodents set up shop (and then die, ick) amongst my white polo wraps, just because my lid doesn’t quite close all the way!

When you give a mouse a trunk to live in, they might decide to die in it

When you give a mouse a trunk to live in, they might decide to die in it

Where does it end? Do I have a problem?

4 thoughts on “Must buy all the things!

    • Foster has way more expensive things than I do, that’s for sure! And then the ‘curse’ of being an eventer is that we buy pretty much anything that comes in our ‘colors’!

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