Smitty’s Family Tree

Yesterday I sent off Smitty’s passport to the RPSI registry to officially get transferred into my name. There’s some little thrill of peering through his passport and seeing all these names of horses long ago. Having an inspected warmblood is new to me, and getting to look up his ancestry brings the same sense of wonder that I imagine TB owners get looking up their horse’s racing history. It’s fascinating to consider the purpose and thought that was put into these matches and hopefully see a glimmer of what is to come.


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It was most interesting to me to see that there is some dressage in there, and while I am no bloodline expert- it’s obvious that with Stakkato and Calypso in there that he is also very jumper-bred as well. An eventer lurks in there somewhere, I think!

9 thoughts on “Smitty’s Family Tree

  1. So cool! I have Dino’s passport and all of his German papers, and it was really funny to see that my branded/inspected GRP is actually a mix of TONS of different types of random ponies, from Welsh to Arabian! Go figure!

  2. I’m not familiar with a lot of those lines but as you know I know a stakotto gelding (sire side not dam) and he is pretty lovely. I’m off to google some of smittys ancestors now!

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