Saddles for trial

I won’t lie, searching for a saddle that both fits Smitty and that I feel secure in has been an absolute chore. Not only does the saddle need to be wool flocked so we can adjust for any likely changes that Smitty’s topline is going to make, but it also has to accommodate his somewhat sizeable withers, and be in the narrow to medium range that is most likely to fit him. Then add in a sprinkle of my own demands, being a 17.5″ – 18″ seat, a monoflap, and hefty knee and thigh blocks.

After searching high and low for a Stubben Zaria that would fit, I’m come up completely blank. But next week I have a couple saddles coming to me for a trial period, and I have high hopes that one will work.


Stubben Excalibur

The first is the predecessor to the Zaria, which is the Stubben Excalibur. It’s a little different looking to my eye, but hopefully shares a lot of the same qualities that I lust over in the Zaria.


Amerigo Vega Monoflap

The second is an older version of the above Vega Monoflap. It checks all the boxes, and while the calf block is not as big, it’s an attractive saddle with an even more attractive price tag.

My hope would be that if one of these guys works out, then I’ll have something that would conceivably get us through the next couple years while Smitty grows (in what direction, who knows), and then I can find a more “permanent” solution.

Now I just need that hot, fat leg to fix itself so I can sit in them!

12 thoughts on “Saddles for trial

  1. I’m not sure how good the used dressage saddle I bought fits me visually, but it feels amazing and that’s plenty good enough for me now. I got lucky in that it seems to fit both Copper and Paige well (though Copper has to have the half pad while Paige just gets the baby pad because she’s fat haha). I hope you can find something that fits you both!

  2. Cmon Smitty leg – heal up! But also. For real? If my new horse ends up not fitting my hates saddle I’m sending it back. The horse, not the saddle lol. Soooo done with saddle shopping lol. Good luck!!

  3. Saddle shopping is no bueno. They will have to pry my CWD out of my cold hands bc that thing is magic. I went through so many painful and expensive saddles to get to this point. Every person has their own point of view but for me the wool was a scam and Houston ended up so much more messed up with the 5000$ county and 800/annual maintenance that I spent so much money on the vet and chiro I wanted to cry. I hope you have an easier time!

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