The House: An Unexpected Property Discovery

I realize I haven’t posted much about the new house; in truth, I’m loathe to take any pictures while it’s still a kaleidoscope of paint swatches, spackling, and beige (the original owners apparently had a thing for beige).

We did have some news though about the house, or really, the land, that we owned now though. Because I couldn’t take a photo of the situation, I thought I would share it vlog style.

Now the question is- what the hell do we do with this “new” strip of land? (Besides attempt to give it away). Install a cement animal zoo? Cornhole tournament? Inflatable Christmas decorations? Ideas welcome!

Update: Found this on the county website- apparently we own this.


5 thoughts on “The House: An Unexpected Property Discovery

  1. That is an odd property line, I would fill it with low maintenance plants that honeybees and butterflies enjoy. They need all the help they can get. And I’d find a small section to fence off and grow carrots for ponies. Fence it so the neighborhood dogs don’t pee on them. The county extension agent could tell you what works best.

  2. Ummmmmm what the hell??? That is a really long strip of land!!! Love that you were getting complaints from the HMO before you realized you had more land! So typical of HMO’s HAHAHAHA

    I would plant a million self maintaining trees to cut down on mowing 🙂 or lots of pretty shrubs and azaleas- somethings easy to maintain and looks pretty! And I like Julie M’s suggestions too- so many possibilities!!!

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